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Experience. Tradition. Excellence.

These words are often overused with very little backup. At J&R Lamb Studios, these qualities, along with the STRONGEST GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS, have defined us for over 160 years. From superior and creative artistry, to skilled manufacturing and restoration of stained glass, to an ownership and management team that is personally involved in every project — We are J&R Lamb Studios — Excellence Through Experience.

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Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded Glass windows have been a hallmark of old world design that can be found in old buildings to historic homes. Lamb Studios can historically restore or create new leaded glass windows for your building or home.


Lamb Studios was recently commissioned to restore over 200 leaded glass windows and doors for the Geist Mansion at the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur in Villanova, PA that were broken, rusted, and not functioning. The goal of this restoration was to preserve and enhance the rich architectural nature of this building, long considered as the heart of the Notre Dame de Namur campus.

Lamb Studios received the damaged windows in rusted out steel frames, carefully removed all the glass, returned the frames to be sand blasted and repainted, recreated new leaded glass windows to the exact specifications of the original windows, and then inserted the new leaded glass into the newly restored steel frames. Maintaining distinctive details, this process allowed the Mansion to preserve its original integrity, aesthetics, and structure of older architecture while providing new windows that were functioning, clean, and water tight.

This Historic Restoration project required our experts to focus on the retention of all historic fabric so that the windows would reflect the building's continuum over time. Our focus and attention for these windows was on the preservation of those materials, features, finishes, and spatial relationships that, together, gave this property its historic character.