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J&R Lamb Studios – Excellence Through Experience

The inspiring beauty and inspiration of stained glass in the United States traces its history back to the construction of some of the oldest churches in the country. While stained glass was primarily constructed by individual artisans, studios began to pop up as the demand for stained glass increased with the rapid growth of the nation and its religious backbone.

J&R Lamb Studios has been an instrumental part of that growth. Founded in 1857, our studio is the oldest continuously operating facility in the United States. Over 15,000 new stained glass windows and 9,000 restorations have been completed, many of which can be considered some of the most important artistic works in our nation’s history.

Restoration of Tiffany stained glass window

The Presbyterian Church in Goshen, NY has several Tiffany stained glass windows. One double lancet window was in need of restoration. Lamb Studios removed the delicate sections of stained glass to the studio for de-leading of the multiple layers of glass and cleaning. All pieces were carefully wrapped in either copper foil or lead caming and re-leaded together, ready for installation.

The wood frame had several curved sections on the exterior that required replacement and the main vertical frame was cleaned down to bare wood. After the addition of the new wood, the frame was primed and received two coats of exterior paint and a protection glass was installed over the exterior of the valuable stained glass.