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Experience. Tradition. Excellence.

These words are often overused with very little backup. At J&R Lamb Studios, these qualities, along with the STRONGEST GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS, have defined us for over 160 years. From superior and creative artistry, to skilled manufacturing and restoration of stained glass, to an ownership and management team that is personally involved in every project — We are J&R Lamb Studios — Excellence Through Experience.

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Stained Glass and Window Condition Report Services

Stained Glass windows are a tremendous asset that can last for centuries if they are maintained properly. It is more cost efficient to make minor repairs and identify problems before a costly total window restoration is required. Call us to find out what condition your windows are in, what maintenance steps should be taken, and what budget should be prepared to keep your windows in the best shape. We will survey and inspect your stained glass windows, frames, ventilators, and protective coverings for signs of damage.

Our report is free and will detail current conditions, any work currently required, and what future expenses should be anticipated. This report is great for the building sexton, the vestry committee, and the budget committee. This report is also helpful when developing a fundraising program or exploring grant programs.