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Stained Glass Restoration by the Experts

Lamb Studios and the Movie Industry

Lamb Studios has ties to the movie industry and recently had the opportunity to create four new stained glass windows for a new movie, The Equalizer 2, filmed in Boston. The studio also was selected to restore and install in a building located in Times Square a large stained glass window for Paramount Pictures. From time to time our studio is asked for permission to show one or more of our stained glass windows in a film. We recently gave permission for one of our stained glass windows to be seen in a new movie being filmed in Long Island.

J&R Lamb Studios is your number 1 source for stained glass!

Lamb Studios Stained and Leaded Glass Studio has created and preserved stained and leaded glass since 1857. Our master crafstmen, designers, artists and project manment set the standard for the industry. We work on new construction, restoration and renovation of stained and leaded glass for churches, synagogues, mosques, mausoleums, commercial buildings, universities and residences.