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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

August 2016: Vol. 3, No. 5


This month we are featuring three recent news stories in which Lamb Studios plays a part. In the first story, the studio saves a window after a man goes on a rampage in a church. The second story describes Lamb Studios owner and President, Donald Samick, giving a talk at a church in the town where he grew up. And the final story is a follow up regarding the devastating fire at the First Presbyterian Church in Englewood, New Jersey, which we first reported on a couple of issues ago.

stained glass repair


stained glass repair


Lamb Studios restored the window to its original beauty.

Suffern, NY – A man went on a rampage at the Sacred Heart Church early in the morning on June 20th, 2016. He grabbed a church employee by the neck, choked him and then punched and kicked him. The victim suffered injuries to his head, face, arms and legs. The man continued into a small prayer room in the church and picked up a statue of Mary, which he hurled through a stained glass window portraying the Baptism of Christ. The man then left the church and slapped another man in the face before he was Tasered and arrested by the police. See the full article on the ABC Eyewitness News website here:

The damaged window was initially boarded over by the construction company Billman Ross & Associates. Joe Gringas, from Billman Ross, then called on Lamb Studios to save the damaged window. The window was largely destroyed and much of it would have to be recreated (see before photo).

Fortunately, the on-site workers for Billman Ross and the police held onto the damaged glass that was collected from the site. All these small pieces would prove to be helpful the recreation of the missing portions of the window. Also, as luck would have it, the church provided a photograph which showed part of the window in the background – this would also help to piece together the puzzle.

The damaged remains of glass were pieced together as much as possible, which provided many important details in the window, such as painting style and subject as well as the colors of glass that were used. Then, studio artist Gregor Lorkowski took on the challenge of recreating the window. He did an amazing job as you can see from the “after” photograph, which was taken once the window was installed back into the church.

Tenafly, NJ - Donald Samick, owner and President of Lamb Studios, was recently featured in an article in the Northern Valley Press. On Sunday July 24th, he gave a presentation at the Presbyterian Church of Tenafly, in which he described the history of J & R Lamb Studios since being founded in 1857. He also gave his perspective on the art of creating stained glass windows. Both Donald and Lamb Studios have connections to Tenafly; Donald lived there and graduated from Tenafly High School. The studio moved from Greenwich Village to Tenafly in 1934, and among the local commissions was the creation of new stained glass windows for the chapel at the Presbyterian Church of Tenafly.

Senior Pastor, Reverend Doctor Eileen W. Lindner expressed her gratitude in a letter sent to the studio:

“Once again I want to thank you for an absolutely splendid presentation on the art of stained glass production yesterday. As you know, our turnout was better than expected and everyone with whom I spoke was delighted they had come. We are so grateful to you for contributing in this way to the observance of the 150th Anniversary of our founding here in Tenafly.”

Karen Baron from the church, echoed these sentiments in another letter:

“Thank you so much for your marvelous presentation on the art of stained glass – particularly the windows in the chapel of the Presbyterian Church. The lecture provided a special connection to the founders of this church and its dedicated care over the past 150 years!”

Englewood, NJ – We first reported the devastating fire at the First Presbyterian Church in Englewood in our May 2016 edition of The Enlightenment, where only days after the fire, Lamb Studios removed all the surviving windows in the church and placed them in storage. A detailed conditions report was made for each window, along with costs to be submitted to the church’s insurance company.

Since the fire, the church has held services in a variety of venues, including the Bergen Performing Arts Center, the Crown Plaza hotel, Temple Sinai of Bergen County, and Dwight Englewood High School. Recently, the church held its first service on their campus since the fire in late March, in Elmore Hall, the church’s gymnasium which was lightly renovated to serve as the congregation’s sanctuary until the church is rebuilt. The gym had a full basketball court, now the hoops are gone and the court markings have been stripped from the refinished floor. A stage has been installed and cushioned seats will serve as pews.

See the full article, written by Matthew McGrath for the Record, on the remarkable response of the congregation and the community to the fire:

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