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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 5, June 2015

Site Visit - Stanford Memorial Church

Stanford, California -The Memorial Church at Stanford University contains a vast collection of 140 of the finest stained glass windows ever created by the J&R Lamb Studios. Mrs. Jane Stanford founded the University in memory of her son Leland, Jr., who died of typhoid fever at age fifteen, but it was the church which was her personal memorial to her husband who died in 1893. The building was dedicated on January 25, 1903 and designed by Bostonian architect Charles Coolidge, based on a mixture of Romanesque and Mission Revival design. His mentor was the highly respected H. H. Richardson, who designed Trinity Church in Boston. 
The stained glass windows in the church were designed by Frederick Stymetz Lamb, and all of the scenes for the windows were based on New Testament paintings by well-known canvas artists. Mr. Lamb won gold medals at the French Exposition of 1900 and the 1895 Atlanta Exposition, as well as honorable mention at the 1893 Chicago Exposition. He studied under the highly respected John Everett Millais in Paris. 

Recently Donald Samick, the current President of the studio, had the wonderful opportunity to tour the building with a most gracious and informative docent, Susan Christiansen. The artwork is a testimony to the greatness and vastness of the artistic excellence of the oldest continuous ecclesiastical studio in the United States. 

Tours led by trained and knowledgeable docents are given every Friday at 2 pm and the last Sunday of the month at 11:15 am, rain or shine. If you can’t make the tour, you can download a self-guided tour brochure here:

New York Metropolitan Glass Club

Photo caption: Ecclesiastical works of Tiffany Studios, such as this window from Morrow Memorial Church in Maplewood NJ, were the subject of Sheldon Barr’s recent presentation for the Metropolitan Glass Club. 

New York, NY – Sheldon Barr, noted Tiffany and Venetian glass authority was the final speaker of the New York Metropolitan Glass Club’s 2014-2015 season. His lecture focused on the vast and varied ecclesiastical work produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany over the period from 1880 through the first quarter of the 20th Century.

Mr. Barr discussed the principal categories of work produced by Tiffany Studios over this time for religious institutions: leaded glass windows, mosaics, lighting, interior design elements, regalia and funeral monuments and mausoleums. His richly illustrated talk also addressed recurring design themes and techniques of production. 

A graduate of Columbia College and of the Columbia School of Architecture, Mr. Barr has been co-owner of Gardner and Barr, a gallery specializing in late 19th Century and early 20th Century Venetian art glass. A noted author, lecturer, and consultant, he is a Fellow of the Corning Museum of Glass. 

The New York Metropolitan Glass Club meet the first Tuesday of each month, except during the summer.

In This Issue

Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford, CA contains a vast collection of 140 stained glass windows created by J&R Lamb Studios.

In the News

Columbus, Ohio – Pastors and police are trying to figure out who is stealing stained glass windows in Columbus. From March through May of 2015, the Fourth Methodist Church and Old First Presbyterian Church have had two break-ins each. Curiously, the items stolen in each break-in were stained glass windows and not some of the more valuable items found at the churches. Additionally, at least one other stained glass window has been stolen from a private residence during that same time period. It is believed that the windows will not turn up locally, it is likely they will be taken to Dayton, Toledo, or even out of state to be sold. 

Paris, France – The stained glass windows of Sainte-Chappelle, which had been removed for restoration, are finally back on display. It took seven years of painstaking work to restore the 6,000 square feet of stained glass, at a cost of ten million dollars. The windows were dismantled and then cleaned with lasers. An outside “skin” of glass was molded onto the exterior of the original windows to protect them from pollution without altering their look.

Laconia, New Hampshire – A former Evangelical Church has been transformed into an eatery – The Holy Grail of the Lakes Food & Spirits. The church appears on the National Register of Historic Places, so when it was turned into a restaurant all the original stained glass windows were preserved. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The 150 year old St. Stanislaus Church is undergoing a major renovation for only the second time in its long history. The renovation took an unexpected turn recently when the church’s stained glass windows, which were thought to be destroyed during the previous renovation in the 1960’s, were mysteriously found in a local man’s basement. The man contacted the church to see if they wanted the windows; somebody had given the windows to his mother and now he was selling her house and he wanted to get rid of them. Through fundraisers, the church is working towards having the stained glass windows restored to bring St. Stanislaus back to its original glory. 

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