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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Vol. 2, Issue No. 3, March 2015

Completed Project – St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bergenfield NJ

We recently redesigned two windows for St. Matthew’s Church in Bergenfield, New Jersey. The church had two small angel stained glass windows in their front doors, each panel measured 16” x 18”. The design of the windows were the same, each a mirror image of the other.

We worked with Revered Dr. Frederick Schoenfeld with this project. The church wanted to move the stained glass windows from the front doors into two windows at the front of the church that did not have any stained glass in them. The size of the opening for the new locations was much different than the existing front door panel size, they were both 12” x 26”. That meant that the height of windows had to be extended, while the widths needed to be decreased. The project was given to studio foreman Gregor Lorkowski.
Once the new design was finalized, Gregor cut glass to fit the new layout. This included new inscriptions for each panel, which were hand painted and then fired in the kiln at 1200 degrees for permanence.  Below is a photo of the work in process, after the inscriptions were complete and the glass cut:

The panels were then assembled, soldered and then puttied. A final cleaning was the last step before the panels were taken back to the church and reinstalled.  Huge thanks to Reverend Dr. Schoenfeld, Executive Director Debra Leopold (who provided the photographs of the installed windows), and all the folks at St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

In This Issue

St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bergenfield, NJ
J&R Lamb Studios recently redesigned two small stained glass windows taken out of the church's front door and resized them to fit into two windows at the front of the church. Upcoming Project – Georgetown University
J&R Lamb Studios is once again honored with the opportunity to work at Georgetown University in Washington DC. We will be working with Manhattan Construction on the Ryan Mulledy Residence Hall Conversion project. We will be restoring one stained glass skylight and three stained glass window lower sashes.

In the News

Kildimo, Ireland – A village in Ireland will have its rare stained glass window returned after 40 years. The window was originally commissioned from Harry Clarke Studios in 1926 for £20. In 1970, the window was lost to the community when the church was deconsecrated and the window was given as a gift to the architect of the new church. It is a beautiful window; a rare depiction of three generations of Jesus’ family with Jesus, his mother Mary, and his grandmother St. Anne.

Father Donworth of the church recently purchased the stained glass window at an auction in Kilkenny, for £9,167. Upon winning the auction, Father Donworth said “It will mean a lot to the families of Kildimo to have it back here again”.
Sports – Believe it or not, stained glass basketball backboards are now available from Literally Balling and designer Victor Solomon, who said the backboards are “an aesthetic convergence of historical opulence and our modern day kings of court”. Three designs are available, each backboard is handmade and takes over 100 hours to complete.

Home Décor – Andre Teoman Studios has put a contemporary spin on tradition stained glass with their new stained glass chandelier. The pieces depict the Circle of Life in a humorous and ironic fashion. Six different glasses are used to alter the lighting to coincide with the emotional content of each panel. The chandelier features oak housing with brass details. /
Manchester, NH – East Colony Fine Art is having a bird-themed exhibit featuring stained glass artist Susanna Ries and oil painter John Sweeney. “Flying Colors” will be on display until March 28 at East Colony Fine Art, 55 S. Commercial Street, Manchester NH.
Alexandria, VA – Friends and family dedicated a beautiful stained glass window in memory of a beloved music teacher who was killed last year. Ruthann Lodato was murdered in her home in February of 2013. Her family said that the window was a wonderful way to remember her, with her daughter Lucia adding that it has been a bright spot for the family over the otherwise very difficult year.

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