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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Issue No. 6, September 2014

Southport Congregational Church—Lamb Saves its Original 100 Year Old Window

Many times churches call the studio inquiring whether or not Lamb Studios made their stained glass window. A quick search of the records will show if a window was or was not created during the past 157 years of the studio’s business. Details of the window order can be viewed on microfiche; the studio’s archives were acquired by the Library of Congress in 2005, where they are well preserved and available for researchers.

One particular phone call was positive in this regard and the church was happy to locate the original maker because the window had sustained damage from Hurricane Sandy and needed to be restored. It was made in 1903 by Lamb Studios when the studio was located New York City.

When the Lamb Studios representative examined the window in 2013, it was partially boarded over, the frame was unstable causing the glass to move from its original setting place in the frame. Since it was unclear if the frame had to be replaced, it was decided to present a cost for the stained glass restoration and obvious repairs to the frame. A separate cost was given to replace the frame if necessary. The stained glass would be removed and a thorough examination of the frame could be made from the scaffolding installed on the interior and a bucket truck on the exterior. In this manner, the church was prepared for the worst case.
The hands-on inspection did ascertain that the frame suffered from extensive water damage and the joints were loose at the spring line. The joints went straight through from outside to inside, providing no strength.

The stained glass was removed and taken to the studio where rubbings were made and the process of removing the lead from the valuable old cathedral glass began. Glass was cleaned and new virgin lead of the same profile was wrapped around each piece of glass and then soldered at the meeting joints. The reassembled glass was then waterproofed with putty and stored, waiting to be reunited with the church and installed into the new frame. 

The existing frame was taken apart in sections and used as sample profiles for the detail work of duplicating the carvings. The opening was boarded over during the winter while the new cypress frame was being made in the shop. New finger joints were used to give strength to the spring line, to prevent a re-occurrence of a joint failure. After the frame was removed, it was discovered that the window jamb was made of brick and mortar and was soaking wet. Much of the grout was either missing or in poor condition. At an extra cost, we brought in a mason to re-grout the entire jamb. The sill was replaced and flashed with copper.

The entire process went smoothly due to the church’s representative, Dave Harrington, who was extremely helpful through his understanding of construction. The Church covered the cost of the interior plastering and painting. At the conclusion, there were no extras except the masonry work which only represented 1% of the project. See more photos

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Restoration of Lamb Original
Lamb Studios restored a 100 year-old Lamb original window in a Southport church damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

In the News

Philadelphia, PA – Recently sold Willet/Hauser Studios has moved its facilities to Winona, MN; they are no longer on the east coast.

Portland, OR – The Stained Glass Association of America will hold its annual summer conference June 10-12, 2015.
Corning, NY – The studio of the Corning Museum of Glass is offering classes in glass blowing, painting on glass, sandblasting, marble and bead making. Visit:
Mahwah, NJ – The KUIKEN BROTHERS 2014 PRODUCT EXPO is to be held at the Sheraton Crossroads Hotel on Thursday, November 6 from 9:30am until 8:30pm.  The expo features:
  • Residential and Commercial Building Materials
  • Products on Display
  • Live Installations
  • AIA/CES Seminars
  • Free Admission and Food
  • Register: or 201-705-5390.
Canton, NY – Lamb Studios has been awarded a contract to continue work at St. Lawrence University. Their chapel was recently damaged by fire, resulting in several stained glass windows needing attention.
Watertown, NY – Lamb Studios will be restoring and covering all the stained glass windows at Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church.
St. Louis, MO – The Lewis & Clark branch of the St. Louis County Library is slated for demolition. The fate of the stained glass windows that feature Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea has not been decided. The library is working with the creators of the stained glass windows, Emil Frei, as well as the Preservation Research Office in an effort to have the window removed and eventually reinstalled elsewhere.
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