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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 7, August 2015
CRAFTSMAN PROFILE OF Joseph Makhlouf This month we are starting a new column, “Craftsman Profile”, where we will introduce our readers to the skilled employees here at Lamb Studios.

Joseph Makhlouf puts the finishing touches on a very large stained glass panel for Georgetown University.

Craftsman Profile: JOSEPH MAKHLOUF

Joseph grew up in Beirut, Lebanon where his older brother Peter owned a Glass Studio. As a young man, Peter worked for a company that provided tile and mirrors for residential bathrooms before starting his own company which focused on mirrors and glass. It was twenty-five years ago when Joseph first began working for his brother. Peter taught him how to work with glass, including: cutting glass, sandblasting glass, and creating stained glass windows. In 2003, Joseph came to the United States. He lived in Bloomfield, New Jersey (where he still resides) and began working at Lamb Studios during the first year he was in America. His introduction to the studio came by chance; Joseph had brought his car in for repairs to a mechanic which just happened to be next door to the studio when it was located in Clifton, New Jersey. Joseph walked into the studio and introduced himself and was hired shortly thereafter.

That was eleven years ago, and Joseph continues his good work here at the studio. He is well-versed in nearly every aspect of stained glass restoration and the creation of new stained glass windows. When it comes to on-site repairs to stained glass windows, he is second to none. He says that he enjoys all facets of the work, but when pressed he admits that assembling windows is his favorite. We hope that we have the pleasure of enjoying Joe’s talents, hard work and loyalty here at the studio for many more years to come.

Joseph makes on-site repairs to a stained glass window in Sanford, Florida

In the News

Washington D.C. – Following the shooting of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, confederate flags have been removed from flagpoles and store shelves. Now, the Very Reverend Gary Hall, the Dean of National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has called on the church’s governing body to remove two stained glass panels that feature the official flag of the Confederacy and two Confederate battle flags. The flags appear in two windows that memorialize Confederate generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. Because changing the windows will be a time consuming project, the Cathedral will begin by putting up a display next to the windows which explains them in their historical context.

Sports – We’re not sure what the connection is between basketball and stained glass. In our March 2014 issue, it was reported that stained glass backboards were being made by Literally Balling. Now, Concepts x Nike SB have released a stained glass inspired sneaker. The design on the shoe mimics stained glass art, and each sneaker is unique with no two sneakers having the same stained glass design.

Woodstock, Illinois – The 109 year old stained glass windows at the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center are in need of restoration. The lead in the windows is deteriorating and the windows are leaking and causing water damage to the walls. The work to be done is too expensive for the Temple – they have received estimates that it will cost $25,000.00 to restore the stained glass and install new protective coverings. The Temple has taken and interesting approach in raising the money, they have created a account where the Temple has already received nearly $7,000 towards the restoration.

Brooklyn, NY – The stained glass water tower spotted recently near the Gowanus Canal will stay for the summer. The piece, which was created by artist Tom Fruin, will be illuminated each night from 8 pm until 1 am. The 14 foot tower is constructed from discarded plastic salvaged from Chinatown sign shops. This is the fourth stained glass water tower that Fruin has created.

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