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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 8, December 2015

Completed Project: Stained Glass Restoration and New Protective Coverings

The large Te Deum Window at Grace Church in Newark, New Jersey, recently underwent historic restoration here at Lamb Studios. The window, which was created originally by Valentine D’Ogries, had all the stained glass panels removed to our studio where they were completely disassembled, cleaned, checked, and then reassembled with new lead caming. On site, the existing, damaged protection glass was removed and replaced with new laminated safety glass before the freshly restored stained glass panels were reinstalled. Additionally, we performed some minor stained glass repairs and installed new laminated protection glass on two of the nave windows at the church.

Completed Project: New Aluminum Frames

We recently completed a project at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary Library. Three wood frames and sashes were removed and replaced with new aluminum frames. The new frames are a thermally broken, heavy triple glazed church window with a painted dark brown finish. The frames are hurricane/impact approved, and the thermal break is achieved by using two different aluminum extrusions, which are joined with 6/6 polymide nylon strips. The frames provide the maximum condensation resistance and superior insulation making it the ideal for the library, where heating, condensation, and noise are factors.

New one inch thick insulated glass units were provided and installed on the exterior of the frames. The insulated units consist of tempered glass with a Low E coating which will help to preserve the books in the library. On the interior, the original coat of arms stained glass window was re-sized and installed into the top of the center window. New amber textured glass was cut to size and installed at the perimeter of each window, while clear textured glass was used for the larger central portions of the windows.

In the News

Architectural Digest – Has put together a list of “The world’s most breathtaking stained glass windows”. Sainte-Chappelle in Paris, France tops the list, and Louis C. Tiffany’s dome at the Chicago Cultural Center is also included. See the list, with photos, at:

Solar Powered Stained Glass – The future of stained glass is here now. Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel’s new ‘Current Window’ is stained glass that works like solar cells. The stained glass is made with dye-sensitized solar cells which, use different colors to generate accessible energy, much like chlorophyll does for a plant. Read more about this interesting development in stained glass at:

Duluth, Minnesota – Students at Denfeld High School used donated materials to create stained glass windows in art class. Students chose an organization that was “near and dear to their heart” to donate their windows to. Circle of Hope (which helps breast cancer patients), the Duluth Fire Department, and the YWCA were among recipients of the stained glass windows.

Berkley, Massachusetts – Berkley Middle School student Greta Moore created a gorgeous stained glass window which contained a Bald Eagle, the school’s mascot. Greta is donating the 16” x 21” piece to the school for them to display.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – At the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, a thirteen year old boy has created stained glass windows for the newly opened Penn Hospice Center Children’s Room. David Learner-Wagner was inspired to create the windows by family friend and stained glass artist Lois Ruth, who died at the Hospice Center. The six panel stained glass window has a jungle theme to compliment the rainforest mural which covers two walls of the Children’s Room. top of In the News

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