Current President & Owners

Keeping the tradition of family ownership alive, David Bleckman and his wife Kathryn Bleckman, purchased the studio in January 2022. David and Kathryn have been involved with the studio since 2000, and David has been working full-time at the studio as Chief Financial Officer since 2016 after a successful career in banking. David, now President of J&R Lamb Studios, is a board member of the Stained Glass Association of America and is a member of the American Glass Guild. Kathryn worked for many years as a production editor while raising their son together. She is a member of the American Glass Guild. The new owners are graduates of Boston University–David with a degree in Business Administration and Kathryn with a degree in Communication. David also has his MBA in Finance and is a talented artist in his own right. Coincidently, Kathryn grew up in Cresskill, NJ on a street named Lamb’s Lane (after THE J&R Lamb Studios family who built their summer home there to escape the heat of NYC) and was a neighbor of Katharine Lamb Tait (granddaughter to the J&R Lamb Studios’ Founder, Joseph Lamb).

Kathryn & David Bleckman
Owners of Lamb Studios
at The American Glass Guild Conference in Corning, NY

(July 2022 )