Major Accomplishments & Awards

The J & R Lamb Studios has been honored to work on major art projects over the years and honored to receive many awards. Our work can be found in all 50 states, 13 countries, and in such prestigious buildings as Cornell University, Tuskegee University, Columbia University, Wells College, Wellesley College, Brooklyn Museum, Newark Museum, Morse Museum, and Marble Collegiate Church. We won medals at the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition, the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo and the Paris International Exposition in 1900.

Below are just some examples of our achievements and awards:

Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for stain glass windows
Winner of the Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for our stained glass window restoration at the Dahlgren Chapel – Georgetown University.

Senate of Maryland Citation for Historic Restoration for stain glass windows
Senate of Maryland Citation for Historic Restoration for the restoration of stained glass windows at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – Abingdon, MD

Bene Award
Lamb Studios collaborated with Kenneth Leap to win the coveted Bene Award for Art Glass from Ministry and Liturgy.
Library of Congress, stain glass windows
The Lamb Studios collection of Art and History acquired by the Library of Congress.

Religion Enthroned, stain glass windows
Religion Enthroned – Brooklyn Museum
Chosen by the U.S. government as one of four studios to represent American achievements in stained glass at the Paris International Exposition of 1900. Lamb Studios won 2 gold medals for execution and design for our window, Religion Enthroned. This window is now on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum.

Stanford University memorial church, stain glass windows
Stanford University Memorial Church – Stanford, CA
The co-founder of Stanford University, Senator Leland Stanford, hired Lamb Studios to create 51 stained glass windows for the memorial church on the college campus that bears his name. Lamb Studios created 19 large aisle and apse windows depicting the life of Christ and 32 smaller windows that are found in the balconies and clerestory. It was Senator Leland Stanford’s wife, Jane, who gathered ideas and directed Frederick Stymetz Lamb on which images to create. Frederick Stymetz Lamb magnificently translated those images into stained glass windows.

Marine Corps Lejeune Chapels, stain glass windows

Marine Corps Lejeune Chapels, stain glass windows

U.S. Marine Corps Camp Lejeune Chapels – Jacksonville, North Carolina (Lamb Studio windows are installed in the Protestant and Catholic Chapels.) The U.S. Marine Corps Camp Lejeune Chapel in Jacksonville, North Carolina have stained glass windows that were created by Lamb Studios in 1946-1948. The windows are installed in both the Protestant and Catholic Chapels at the base. The president of Lamb Studios at that time was Colonel Karl Barre Lamb and it was his sister, Katharine Lamb Tait, granddaughter to the founder, Joseph, who designed all the windows. She was assisted with the details by George deRis, graduate architect of Cornell University and General Manager of the studios.

First Presbyterian Church in Orange, TX stain glass windows
1st Presbyterian Church – Orange, TX
Frances Ann Lutcher commissioned this 36 foot diameter opalescent dome, that represents facets of the church in Christianity, after seeing an exhibit by Lamb Studios at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Lutcher purchased 3 stained glass windows on display at the exhibit for her new church and placed them in storage while the church was built.
Lakewood Cemetery Chapel in Minneapolis stain glass windows
Mosaic Work at the Lakewood Cemetery Chapel – Minneapolis, MN (National Register of Historic Places)
The chapel interior was designed by Charles Lamb of Lamb Studios in 1909. When it was completed in 1910 the chapel was considered by many as the most perfect example of Byzantine mosaic art in the United States. To accomplish this major project Lamb traveled to Rome to enlist the services of six highly accomplished mosaic artists who had just recently completed a project in the Vatican. The artists created more than 10 million mosaic pieces, called tessellae, from marble, colored stone, and glass fused with gold and silver. The artists then traveled to Minneapolis to assemble the work inside the chapel. Upon its completion in 1910, the Lakewood Memorial chapel was the only building in the country with an authentic mosaic interior.
The chapel dome is 65 feet high and ringed with stained-glass windows that serve as a sundial telling the time of day and season. Four large mosaic figures representing Love, Hope, Faith, and Memory are situated on the side walls below the dome. The figures were based on paintings by Charles Lamb’s wife, Ella Condie Lamb.

Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims – Brooklyn, NY
Between 1907 and 1909 Lamb Studios created and installed 19 stained glass windows within the Sanctuary at the Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims. The windows take as their theme the influence of Puritanism (the parent of Congregationalism) on the growth of Liberty. Interesting subjects like Abe Lincoln, William Penn, and John Milton can be found in the windows.
Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn, NY stain glass windows
Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn, NY stain glass windows
Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn, NY stain glass windows