Window Frames

Lamb Studios can create new custom window frames made of wood or aluminum that will enhance a window’s beauty and function. Window frames will be made to the architect’s specification and will be designed to last. We can also restore existing wood window frames to make them look new again.

New Wood Window Frames

stained glass window framesHurricane Sandy brought much destruction to the New Jersey Coastline, including Asbury Park. The First Baptist Church had its 12 foot by 22 footmasterpiece stained glass window half blown out. One entire section was destroyed along with pieces throughout the window. The Damage to the frame necessitated its replacement. Templates were taken of the multi-curved intricate areas of the upper window. In the wood shop, the entire new frame was pre-assembled using special finger joints at the critical junctions. The old frame was removed and the new frame hoisted into place using a crane, and then primed and painted with two coats of exterior grade paint. New protection glass was installed on the exterior.

New Aluminum Window Frames

stained glass window framesWe recently completed a project at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary Library. Three damaged wood frames and sashes were removed and replaced with new aluminum frames. The new frames are a thermally broken, heavy triple glazed church window with a painted dark brown finish. The frames are hurricane/impact approved, and the thermal break is achieved by using two different aluminum extrusions, which are joined with 6/6 polymide nylon strips. The frames provide the maximum condensation resistance and superior insulation making it the ideal for the library, where heating, condensation, and noise are factors. New one inch thick insulated glass units were provided and installed on the exterior of the frames. The insulated units consist of tempered glass with a Low E coating which will help to preserve the books in the library. On the interior, the original coat of arms stained glass window was re-sized and installed into the top of the center window. New amber textured glass was cut to size and installed at the perimeter of each window, while clear textured glass was used for the larger central portions of the windows.

Restored Wood Window Frames

Lamb Studios can also painstakingly restore your existing window frames. Without protection and constant maintenance window frames can quickly deteriorate. Lamb Studios can restore and repaint your existing wood frames while maintaining historic character of your building.


Window Frame Replacement: Wood vs Aluminum

Regarding the wood frames in your building, it is important to properly maintain them before they get to the point where they might need to be restored or replaced. If, however, your wood frames have deteriorated to the point that they need to be replaced, the decision as to whether to replace them with wood or aluminum must be made. The following is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using each material for you frame replacement:

  • Maintain the architectural integrity of the building for historic purposes.
  • Stained Glass window sizes do not need to be altered.
  • Easily painted/stained any color.
  • All details of existing frame can be replicated precisely.


  • High cost for replacement frames.
  • Need for future maintenance.
  • Not made to receive insulated glass units.
  • Less energy efficient.
  • Often use steel ventilators which add to energy loss by not shutting properly and lack of weather-stripping.
  • Repairs can be more difficult to perform if both protection glass and stained glass need to be removed to access damaged piece.


  • No maintenance.
  • Energy efficient: Can receive insulated glass units, can be made with a thermal break within the frame, and ventilators close tightly and are weather-stripped.
  • Low cost for replacement frames.
  • Repairs can be made more easily; only damaged glass needs to be removed for repairs.


  • Not acceptable for historic commissions; does not maintain architectural integrity of the building.
  • Stained glass sizes need to be altered.
  • Limited colors and finishes.
  • Limited design options, some original design elements cannot be reproduced.