Creating Reverent Spaces for Columbaria & Memorials

As we enter the new millennium, we are reminded that our most enduring traditions must constantly be renewed. Responsibility for the care, memorialization and reverence of the earthly remains of our deceased family and friends often creates difficult choices. Our fragmented and fast-paced world leaves many without a feeling of community or connectedness.

  • The cemeteries and graveyards of our small-town past are no longer the exclusive resting place for the departed. In an age when families are scattered and loyalties to a birthplace are slight, what other choices are there?
  • Cremation, an increasingly popular choice, leaves open the question of how and where remains can be appropriately kept. Columbaria, special vaults with niches for urns, are once again filling this most important need. At one time found only in churches, columbaria are becoming relevant to many other institutions that can claim a community of members. Universities, colleges, hospitals, chapels, and retirement communities are all appropriate and fitting places for a columbarium. This reverent space will help enhance the value and ensure the longevity of the building that houses it.
  • A columbarium can bring grace and dignity to a chapel or other meditative space, and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. In addition to providing a reverent communal focus, a columbarium can become a significant and long-term revenue producing area for any institution. The purchase of individual or family niches within your institution will provide funds that would normally not be available. With proper consideration for future expansion, a columbarium program can grow along with the community, providing both members and institution with an enduring legacy of participation, care, and commitment.The J&R Lamb Studios has been creating and installing ecclesiastical and secular reverent art for over 160 years. Founded in 1857 and in continuous existence ever since, The J&R Lamb Studios is still one of the foremost creators of columbaria and associated memorials in the United States. We can bring an unmatched depth of experience to your project, tailoring the design and installation to meet all your architectural, structural, aesthetic, and financial considerations.