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A Brief History of Stained Glass

Stained Glass has a rich and storied tradition dating far back in history.  While “colored glass” objects date back as far as the Egyptian and Roman eras, the stained glass that we know today traces its origins from the Middle Ages, specifically in the tenth century French and Gothic periods.

Subsequent to the development of Classic Stained Glass during those times, churches and cathedrals throughout the European Continent began to install stained glass for the purposes of providing inspirational “illuminated wall decorations”, often accented by biblical depictions of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or Patron Saints. While most stained glass is found in places of worship, not all stained glass applications were ecclesiastical in nature.  Throughout the centuries leading to the current era, stained glass started to slowly appear in other settings.  Government facilities, universities, museums, famous hotels and restaurants, and even domestic dwellings are all examples of applications in which stained glass has been showcased as art.

J&R Lamb Studios – Excellence Through Experience

The inspiring beauty and inspiration of stained glass in the United States traces its history back to the construction of some of the oldest churches in the country.  While stained glass was primarily constructed by individual artisans, studios began to pop up as the demand for stained glass increased with the rapid growth of the nation and its religious backbone.

J&R Lamb Studios has been an instrumental part of that growth.  Founded in 1857, our studio is the oldest continuously operating facility in the United States.  Over 15,000 new stained glass windows and 9,000 restorations have been completed, many of which can be considered some of the most important artistic works in our nation’s history.

In 2007, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC formally recognized J&R Lamb Studios long storied commitment to excellence through the acquisition of our archives.

Today, J&R Lamb Studios continues that tradition.  Experienced and involved ownership, along with a skilled and tenured staff, commissions stained glass artists that are known around the world for the artistry and stunning beauty of their works.

While tradition is the studio hallmark, we realize that we can not rest on our reputation.  It is our ability to adapt that has helped us continue our success.  Be it traditional or modern, secular or non-secular, J&R Lamb Studios works directly with our clients to help them achieve their goals, from the initial conversation to the unveiling of a new or restored stained glass window. 

The personal touch goes hand in hand with the BEST GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS.*   It is the same guarantee and commitment to excellence that has made us successful for over 160 years and will help us continue in the centuries to come.

Donald Samick Owner, J&R Lamb Studios

*The J&R Lamb Studios Guarantee
Our Work is guaranteed forever against all defects in workmanship.  We stand behind this with more than 160 years of experience in the field.  If there are any problems at any time in regard to our work, we will make a prompt visual inspection.  If a justified defect is found in workmanship, we will make the correction at no charge.