Church Stained Glass Windows

Artists specializing in contemporary or traditional designs are available for consultation. They are interested in serving the wishes of your congregation and the design needs of your building.

In addition to our in-house designers, we work with several independent artists from various regions in America, as well as England, to give you a complete range of design alternatives. Lamb Studios offers complete services in consultation, design , fabrication and installation of stained glass windows. We also design, supply and install wood, steel, or aluminum frames and protective glazing. All of our work has an unlimited guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Creating the design

The design for altar, reredos, window, mural, or whatever the desired object, is created and laid out by Donald Samick, the head of the Studios, in the designing room with the assistance of capable artists and draughtsmen. Here we originate all the sketches in line and color, the full size drawings, and working details that later are translated into stone, mosaic, glass, wood, metal or paint in the various shops by workmen who specialize in each material.