Introducing Our New Division: Insulated Replacement Windows

The J & R Lamb Studios has added a new division to further assist religious and school institutions renovate their windows. The J & R Lamb Studios can install aluminum framed insulated glass replacement windows in religious buildings, sanctuaries, and offices. This reduces drafts saving institutions on heating and cooling the building, reduces noise from the outside providing a calmer interior environment, and saves on maintenance with electrostatically baked finished frames which do not require painting.

  • Save on energy costs
  • Reduce noise
  • Eliminate maintenance costs
stained glass window covering
stained glass window covering

Update and improve your buildings with replacement windows installed by the most reliable name in religious restoration. The J & R Lamb Studios has been providing excellence service and superior quality since 1857.


Almost all older buildings suffer from deferred maintenance issues caused by not having an effective maintenance schedule. Small issues left unattended will likely lead to major issues down the road. In addition, windows that are not maintained properly can cause added energy costs. Constant maintenance, unexpected major repairs, and higher energy costs will strain any budget.

We know that maintaining, protecting, repairing, and restoring your stained glass windows is an important part of keeping a church in its best shape. But often overlooked windows are those windows that are in parish offices, hallways, gathering rooms, and schools. Old single pane windows that are broken, not functioning, have rotted out wood frames, and are drafty can cause higher than needed heating and cooling bills, can allow for unnecessary noise to fill quiet spaces, and can require extensive ongoing maintenance and painting.

stained glass window covering
stained glass window covering

An effective strategy to deal with this issue may be to replace those windows with modern aluminum framed insulated glass windows. Using modern materials you can create a modern window to update the look of your building. The new window will be virtually maintenance free eliminating future maintenance issues and improve energy efficiency. If you are looking to preserve the look of the original window you can also have a window created that will have the same aesthetics of the original window but with all the modern benefits that insulated glass affords.

Windows can be the largest source of heat gain or loss in any building. We have seen that the windows and glazing systems in buildings constructed prior to the 1980s are failing due to lack of proper painting and maintenance. Most of these windows are made with wood frames of just with a single pane of glass.

According to Energy Guide, the first step to improving a window is usually to add a second pane of glass. This traps a layer of still air, a good insulator, between the panes. Double-pane windows insulate about twice as well as single-pane windows, so only half as much heat passes through the window. When an inert gas is added between the panes of glass the window’s insulation value further improves.

Faced with the challenge of keeping old single pane windows well maintained and operating properly Gethesame Lutheran Church, in Hackettstown, NJ consulted with Lamb Studios to replace the old windows with new aluminum framed insulated glass windows at the Church.

When pressed with the task of recreating failed windows for a NYC apartment building that wanted to maintain the same look of the original windows but wanted the benefits of modern glass Lamb Studios delivered. We custom created new wood frames that matched the look and profile of the original windows but used 1 foot square insulated glass panes instead of single pane glass. The end result was a window that was authentic to the building but had modern insulating value.