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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

Vol. 2, Issue No. 4, April 2015

Completed Project: New Wood Frame

We recently completed phase one of a large project at a church in southern New Jersey. The work included the restoration of five stained glass windows – one large and four smaller sanctuary windows. The scope of work for the large window included, in addition to the stained glass restoration, the creation of a new wood frame for the top portion of the window, which measures approximately 14’ x 15’.

Once the stained glass from the large window had been removed and safely transported to the studio, in mid-January, the existing, failing wood frame was removed. Templates were made and measurements were taken for the creation of the new frame. Portions of the frame were kept to aid in the frame’s replication, while the remainder was discarded. The window opening was boarded over on both the interior and the exterior.

Back at the studio, using the measurements taken as well as the templates, Site Foreman Mike McDonough created a full-scale drawing of the frame to create the new frame. Mike worked closely with the skilled frame maker, checking in often to see how the frame was progressing. The new frame was made of all Mahogany wood and was designed to receive stained glass panels on the interior and ¼” protection glass on the exterior. New steel T-bars for both stained glass and protection glass were imbedded into the new wood frame, spanning the entire 14’ width of the window opening in place of the shorter previously existing bars.
By mid-March, the frame was ready for installation. The frame was delivered in two pieces and Mike did the final assembly of the frame on site, on saw horses at the base of the window opening. A crane (with operator) was rented from North Jersey Crane Service. The operator was a real professional, the frame was a perfect fit, and the frame was put in place and temporarily strapped in place in no time at all. Over the next couple of days, Mike and his crew mechanically fastened the frame into the stone opening, primed and painted the exterior of the frame, installed laminated safety glass which had been cut to size and shape as new protective covering, and sealed everything up.   

Then, it was time to move into the interior of the church, where the finish on the frame was to be a stain to match the rest of the frames in the church. Once the frame was stained, the newly restored stained glass panels were installed and the first phase of the project was completed.

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Completed Project in southern New Jersey
J&R Lamb Studios recently completed a large project at a church which included creating a new wooden frame for a window measuring 14' x 15'.

In the News

Solar Powered Stained Glass – The future of stained glass is here now. Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel’s new ‘Current Window’ is stained glass that works like solar cells. The stained glass is made with dye-sensitized solar cells which, use different colors to generate accessible energy, much like chlorophyll does for a plant. Read more about this interesting development in stained glass at:

Duluth, Minnesota – Students at Denfeld High School used donated materials to create stained glass windows in art class. Students chose an organization that was “near and dear to their heart” to donate their windows to. Circle of Hope (which helps breast cancer patients), the Duluth Fire Department, and the YWCA were among recipients of the stained glass windows.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – At the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, a thirteen year old boy has created stained glass windows for the newly opened Penn Hospice Center Children’s Room. David Learner-Wagner was inspired to create the windows by family friend and stained glass artist Lois Ruth, who died at the Hospice Center. The six panel stained glass window has a jungle theme to compliment the rainforest mural which covers two walls of the Children’s Room. top of In the News

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