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The Enlightenment: The Lamb Studios Stained Glass Newsletter

July 2016: Vol. 3, No. 4

Completed Project: New Protective Coverings and New Double-glazed Ventilators

We recently completed a very satisfying project at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Hoboken, New Jersey. We removed the existing storefront style storm windows on the nave windows and then furnished and installed new vented laminated safety glass as protective coverings. The existing ventilators, which the church uses quite frequently, had no protective coverings on them at all and they were rusting and allowing water infiltration. We supplied and installed new double glazed aluminum ventilators in an attractive anodized dark bronze finish. Access to the nave windows on the street side of the church was not an issue, we supplied and installed scaffolding to do this work. The alley side of the church was another story because of how narrow the alley is (as little as 30” wide in places!). To access the windows on the alley side, we called upon Atlas Ladder and Scaffolding Company, who installed a fantastic set up in the alley, allowing us to reach all the nave windows and the clerestory windows as well. The altar windows and the clerestory windows did not have any existing protective coverings. For these windows, we again provided and installed new vented laminated safety glass.

We would like to thank all the folks at Saints Peter and Paul Church, but special thanks go out to Bill Burke and Karen Imbach. Bill was key in determining an effective scope of work for the windows at the church and was hands on throughout the entire project. Meanwhile, Karen Imbach helped the project move along smoothly on a day to day basis, once the work at the church had begun.

Completed Project: Mosaic Repair and Cleaning

We also recently completed a very interesting project in New York City, at the Church of St. Edward the Martyr. The mosaics at the altar of the church had aged and there were missing pieces of glass and damage to the figures’ heads, hands, and feet, which were made out of plaster. A scaffolding was set up to span the mosaic, and all missing mosaic pieces were replaced with new glass which matched the original as closely as possible. Both the upper and the lower mosaics were detail cleaned. For the heads, hands, and feet, old loose paint was carefully removed, repairs were made to the plaster, and then they were repainted.

Also included in the scope of work was the cleaning of the very detailed and ornate altar woodwork which surrounds the mosaics. We used a silicone-free polish to clean, moisturize, and preserve the fine wood finish.


Atlantic City, NJ: Dr. Joe Lowenstein is a semi-retired chiropractor who has taken on a second career as a stained glass artist. The doctor discovered the craft back in 1979, during a visit to New Hope, PA, where he saw a stained glass shop that was floor to ceiling stained glass. He was truly impressed and knew that he wanted to learn how to do it. He tried it out and got hooked; he has been creating stained glass art pieces ever since. “This is what makes me happy” “The longer a piece takes, the better. It keeps me busy”. He has completed works for local businesses, including one for Steve and Cookies Restaurant in Margate. The piece, entitled “Pipe Dream”, hangs near the bar and consists of over 1500 pieces of glass that create a surfer riding a wave.

New York, NY: According to New York Fire Department Officials, the fire that engulfed the historic Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava on May 1st was caused by candles that had not been completely extinguished after Easter Service. It was reported that the caretaker had extinguished the several hundred candles that were used during the service, and then stored them in a cardboard box. It remains a question as to whether or not the church can be rebuilt using the original structure.

West Orange, NJ: Students from West Orange High School designed a series of stained glass influenced murals as part of the Nikhil Badlani Foundation’s Traffic Safety Awareness Project. The artwork was displayed on NJ Transit buses, Light Rail, and at Local Train Stations. The Nikhil Badlani Foundation is name in honor of Nikhil Bandlani, who was killed in 2011 in a three car collision involving a distracted driver.

Baltimore, MD: According to Christiana Mbakwe of The Baltimore Sun, in Baltimore where seemingly endless blocks of rowhouses can blend together, there is a current trend where homeowners are trying to make their place stand out: the addition of custom stained-glass transom windows above their front doors. In “neighborhoods like Brewers Hill or Hampden, you can spot the state flag or crabs above rowhouse doors. You'll see transoms in classic patterns. And you may even find 3-D elements”.

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