stained glass projects

A residential customer came to us with a damaged lamp cover containing curved pieces of glass, hoping that we could repair it. The piece was passed down to her from her father-in-law, so there was a large degree of sentimentality attached to it. The majority of the lamp cover was an amber wispy glass which was smooth on one side and heavily textured on the underside.

The glass was also very translucent, when the lamp was illuminated it gave off a beautiful golden glow which was accented by the texture on the interior. Fortunately, we had a perfect match for the glass in stock. A mold was made from one of the existing good pieces which was removed from the lamp cover.

New pieces were then cut to size and then slumped in the kiln over the mold. The resulting pieces were a good fit and once the repairs were made, it was nearly impossible to find the area of the lamp that had been so severely damaged. The customer was extremely pleased and wrote to thank us:

“Thank you for the extraordinary job… I wish there were more words than thank you to express my gratitude”

Tiffany-like Lamp Repair