Muhlenberg Chapel at Mt. Sinai / St. Luke’s Hospital, NYC.

Henry Holiday, a Lamb family friend and noted English stained glass designer, recommended J & R Lamb Studios to install one of his best known works, Christ The Consoler, located in the Muhlenberg Chapel at St. Luke’ Hospital in New York City in 1894.

Holiday’s stained glass window commemorates the philosophy of dedication, compassion, and care espoused by St. Luke’s Hospital founder Rev. William Muhlenberg. The stained glass window has survived through many changes at the hospital and even a fire. By 2014 it became evident that the entire chapel including the stained glass window required a full restoration.

Norma, M. T. Braun, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai personally undertook the preservation of the Muhlenberg Chapel. Dr. Braun’s passion and belief that Muhlenberg Chapel was one of St. Luke’s most critical assets took her through the arduous task of bringing Muhlenberg Chapel back to its original inspiring purpose.

In 2015, George B. Bryant, an architect and Henry Holiday historian, published an article “Henry Holiday’s Christ The Consoler window in the Muhlenberg Chapel at St. Luke’s Hospital, New York” in the Journal of Stained Glass. This article gave an in depth history of Henry Holiday’s stained glass window at Muhlenberg Chapel.

In 2018 J & R Lamb Studios was commissioned once again to tend to Henry Holiday’s Christ The Consoler stained glass window. Over six months J & R Lamb Studios carefully documented and removed each section of stained glass from the chapel. The window was damaged in several areas, had layers of dirt dulling its beauty, and its lead structure was showing signs of deterioration. J &R Lamb Studios conducted a full restoration of the stained glass while conserving every piece of original glass as possible. Studios artists cleaned each piece of glass by hand and carefully touched up painted areas that were damaged. Dr. Braun oversaw each detail of this project and even George B. Bryant visited our studio to inspect the stained glass windows up close during their restoration. Once J & R Lamb Studios completed the restoration, the stained glass window was re-installed at the Muhlenberg Chapel.

A re-dedication of the chapel and the newly restored stained glass window was held in the fall of 2019.

Henry Holiday’s Christ the Consoler